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About Us

Design Build and Why?
This journey began in 1983, fresh out of school, in Newburyport, Ma., looking for a project to get dirty in.  Well, dirty we did get.  Knocking on doors in a delapitated city to see if you wanted to " sell your house" led to  a lot of "get off my lawn" requests.  Perseverance led to the beginning of a real appreciation of preservation and problem solving.  This experience was enhanced with over a decade of historic renovations in Lowell and throughout the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts including many commercial buildings.  
We want your project to succeed.  You have a design, budget and timeline in mind that we work very closely with you on.  Our relationships in the industry have been carefully   selected to adhere to those parameters.
Excellence and Professionalism 
As a member of the N.H. Builders Assoc., we take pride in collaborative resources to stay up to date with the latest building codes and techniques to ensure the safety and quality of your project.
Insured and Guaranteed

We, along with our building relationships, provide fully insured and guaranteed quality of all work performed.

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